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Camellia Sinensis in a cream pail
Camellia Sinensis in a cream pail
Tea Plants
Close up of Camellia Sinensis tea plant

Tea Plant

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Grown your own tea with these fabulous hardy tea plants. Camellia Sinensis is the evergreen plant from which we get tea leaves and as well as producing fragrant leaves they also have pretty winter flowers.

Process the leaves to make your own delicious green tea at home, or experiment with drying the leaves for a more traditional cuppa! This weeks plants are strong young saplings similar to pictured.

30-40cm tall in a 1.5L pot

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Looking after your Tea Plant
These instructions are sent with the plant gift
Tea plants are members of the Camellia family and are really outdoor plants, but when they are young they make decorative pot plants in a cool room. Tea plants are quite slow growing, but eventually they can reach heights of 2 metres
While the plant is indoors, keep it as cool as you can and make sure there is plenty of natural light but not direct sunlight. An East or West facing window is ideal. Outdoors your plants will do well in pots on a sheltered patio or in a partially shaded spot. Tea plants are hardy but whilst young they should be protected from severe frosts particularly when in a pot.
Tea plants produce small fragrant flowers in winter and dark glossy leaves year round.To develop a more ‘bushy’ shape you may wish to pinch out the top few leaves every now and then.
Once you have a sizable bush the leaves can be harvested fresh to make green tea or dried to make traditional or ‘brown’ tea.

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Tea for Two
Camelia Sinensis
A member of the Camelia family the 'Tea Plant' suprisingly enough is named after the drink that it's leaves make. 'Sinensis' is latin for 'Chinese' and Chinese tea plants are used to produce some of the most popular teas.
Neat dark green foliage and tiny white flowers in early summer
Tea Plants are quite slow growing but they can grow up to 3m high and produce heavy crops of the savoury leaves they are famous for. They are hardy and although they need some protection when young can be grown outside in the UK.
Tea has been drunk in China as a medicine since 2500BC and was introduced to Japan from there and finally to Europe in the 17th Century where Britain began it's love affair with Afternoon Tea. Normally the buds and the top 2 or 3 youngest leaves are harvested for tea making, they are then processed in various ways to produce either green, black or oolong tea.
Season: Jul to Jul
Green Tea is the easiest to make at home, the young leaves are picked, steamed, rolled and then used fresh or dried in a strainer to produce a delicous refreshing drink. To produce a more traditional tea, the leaves should be brusied and then allowed to oxidise in the sun (until they turn black) and then steamed, rolled and dried.
Further information available at http://www.toppersteas.co.uk/

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" Hello, a note to say thank you for my Tea Plant that arrived safely and in great condition in a well packed box. The care instructions are really useful too. Please feel free to use as a review on your website. A happy customer! " C G - July 2015
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