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Mulberry bush
Mulberry bush
Black Mulberry Tree
Close up of the mulberry fruit

Mulberry Bush

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"Round and round the mulberry bush" or so the song goes... These fabulous bushes can eventually grow in to really attractive feature trees with low hanging branches and delicious black mulberries.

Our Mulberry bushes are the tastier "Black Mulberry" type which bear deep red fruits that blacken when ripe. It takes a little while for mulberries to establish well enough to fruit but we do expect these 4 year old bushes to start to fruit either next year or the year after. Please note that these trees have now dropped their leaves for winter so are really only suitable as a gift for keen gardeners.

60cm+ tall in a 4 litre pot

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Looking after your White Mulberry Bush
These instructions are sent with the plant gift
The black mulberry plant (Morus Alba) originates in Asia but has been cultivated in the UK and Europe since Roman times. They are somewhat neglected commercially as the soft fruits do not transport well but they are an absolutely delicious summer fruit when you can get them fresh.
Mulberry plants can be left as a bush or with some pruning can be trained into more of a tree shape. They can live for decades and will eventually reach a sizeable proportion. They are completely frost hardy and will do well in a range of soils and situations. Because the fruit tend to drop when they are ripe they are best grown in the lawn rather than over a patio or flowerbed.
These plants are already 2 years old and take around 10 years to fully mature In the meantime you should still get small crops of tasty fruits each summer.
Your plant shouldn’t need much feeding but if you are keeping it in the small pot for a while or the leaves start to appear pale of mottled then a good general purpose feed will always give it a good boost. Mulberry plants are deciduous so don’t be alarmed if it starts to lose its leaves in winter. These plants are reasonably hardy but if we do have particularly cold spells (-5C or colder) then a fleece or heavy straw mulch will give your plant a bit more protection especially in the first couple of years.

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Morus Nigra
The black mulberry or Chinese mulberry
Pale pink flowers in Spring
Delicious large berries, similar but juicier than blackberries
These easy to grow bushes will mature into a medium sized tree and make a fantastic feature tree that will live up to a hundred years
Imported over 500 years ago as a source of mulberries before discovering that silk worms only eat white mulberries, these delicious fruits were welcomed to UK gardens and folklore. They feature in the famous nursery round, here we go round the mulberry bush but have never been commerically exploited because they simply don't travel well
A very ornamental tree in their own right. The sweet dark fruit drop as soon as they are ripe and are absolutely delicious fresh, or made into pies, jams or even icecream!
Further information available at http://apps.kew.org/trees/?page_id=114

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" Thank you for an excellent service. The mulberry bush was a great surprise. It arrived exactly as you said it would and it was a fantastic and unusual birthday gift. I am very impressed. " S. L. - April 2011