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Pair of standard olive trees
Pair of standard olive trees
fruiting olive trees
large olive trees

Pair of Large Olives

£70.00 exc delivery

These large lollipop Olive trees look great as a pair. Perfect for either side of a doorway or either side of a patio, these tough trees are well established and will be fine outside in all but the very harshest weather.

Looking lovely again this week with a good head of neat silvery foliage. Of course there will always be a bit of a variation between plants but when selecting a pair we will always pick the closest matching shapes from all the trees at the Nursery.

2 x 1m+ tall in a 6L pot

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Looking after your Olive Tree
These instructions are sent with the plant gift
The olive is an outdoor tree with slivery green leaves and fruits. A young tree will live happily on a sunny window sill, or in a conservatory and give pleasure for years to come.
Olive trees need plenty of light to flower and fruit but will do well either indoors or outdoors if protected from extreme frost. Olive trees do best in a cool, well-lit room or in a sunny sheltered position in the garden.
If you are keeping your olive tree in a pot then once it has put on quite a bit of growth you might repot in a larger container in the spring. Choose a mixture of ordinary soil and potting compost. A good pruning a couple of times a year will also help to keep to keep a sculptured shape. Tiny white flowers should appear in the Spring with olive fruits developing over the summer and turning from green to browny-black in the autumn.
Most problems come from underwatering in Summer and overwatering in Winter. Both of these can lead to leaf drop. If the dropped leaves are crisp then a good watering and a return to a more regular routine will soon set your plant on the road to recovery. If the leaves are more leathery, the leaf drop is likely to be due to overwatering or allowing the delicate roots to sit in water. Try moving your plant to a sunnier position and withholding water until the soil has really dried out. You can gently remove the plastic pot to have a look at the dampness of the roots if in doubt.
With enough sunlight your tree should fruit even when quite small, however expect the fruit to be very bitter. Olives need to be ‘cured’ properly to get rid of this bitter taste before eating

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