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Stephanotis is valued for its strong rich perfume. We have some more quality plants just in with lots of buds.

Stephanotis flowers


£29.00 exc delivery

This beautifully scented Madagascar Jasmine is an old favourite with plant lovers and cannot fail to please. Neat dark foliage sets off the creamy-white flowers.

These lovely scented houseplants will slowly open within a couple of days of arrival filling the room with scent.

Approx 45cm tall in a 1L pot

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Looking after your Stephanotis
These instructions are sent with the plant gift
The Madagascar Jasmine (Stephanotis) will flower for several weeks with a little care.
This plant needs a bright room, but avoid direct sunlight through glass, or it will scorch. This is a tender plant - don’t let it get too hot or too cold. If it is near a window, don’t let it get too close to the glass and try to keep it a good distance from any radiators.
Once the flowers have finished let your plant rest. Repot if your plant appears to be outgrowing it’s existing pot and keep it in a warm and light position ready for a repeat performance next year.
Flower or bud drop is a sign your plant is unhappy. This may be a response to ‘shock’ (a sudden change in position), cold temperatures or not enough water. Normally a warm position and regular watering should bring a return to health.

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Madagascar Jasmine
Not a true Jasmine, but called Jasmine because of the white perfumed jasmine-like flowers. Sometimes known as 'Bride's flower'
Pure white.
Usually grown as an indoor plant in the UK. Need an even temperature. Keep moist but not waterlogged. Avoid cold draughts or hot radiators.
In victorian times Stephontis flowers were often incorporated into bride's bouquets as a symbol of happiness in marriage. Since then it is often known as 'Bride's flower'
Season: Nov to Apr

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