Our top picks looking particularly stunning in the nursery this week.

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  1. Moth Orchid
    Moth Orchid Long lasting blooms
  2. Peruvian Heliotrope
    Peruvian Heliotrope Stunning purple flowers
  3. Oleander
    Oleander Pretty mediterranean blooms
  4. Passion Flower
    Passion Flower Exotic flowering climber
  5. Fig Tree
    Fig Tree Dwarf fig tree
  6. Asiatic Lily
    Asiatic Lily Exotic trumpets
  7. Bougainvillea Plant
    Bougainvillea Plant purple blooms
  8. Dipladenia
    Dipladenia Colourful trumpets and glossy leaves
  9. Lemon4Seasons
    Lemon4Seasons Our most popular Lemon Tree
  10. Large Calamondin
    Large Calamondin Larger dwarf orange tree
  11. Giant Calamondin
    Giant Calamondin Taller orange trees in fruit
  12. Large Bougainvillea
    Large Bougainvillea Stunning Bougainvillea
  13. Wooden Herb Planter
    Wooden Herb Planter Tasty herbs for cooking
  14. Egyptian Starcluster
    Egyptian Starcluster Colourful patio plants
  15. Purple Hydrangea
    Purple Hydrangea Delivered in Bud and Bloom
    Available from 31/05/2017
  16. Colourful Bougainvillea
    Colourful Bougainvillea Various colours and varieties
  17. Balloon Flower
    Balloon Flower Pretty bell-shaped blooms
  18. Kaffir Lime Ministem
    Kaffir Lime Ministem Fragrant leaves for cooking
  19. Red Lime
    Red Lime Unusual mandarin-like fruit
  20. Chilli Plant
    Chilli Plant Dwarf chilli plant in fruit
  21. Lemon Pursha
    Lemon Pursha Lemon/tangerine cross
  22. Large Orange Tree
    Large Orange Tree with green ripening fruits

23 Items

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Set Descending Direction