Plants that we feel are looking particularly special this week.

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  1. Pink Hydrangea
    Pink Hydrangea Delivered in Bud and Bloom
  2. Stephanotis
    Stephanotis Fragrant flowers cover this evergreen jasmine.
  3. Giant Camellia
    Giant Camellia Winter colour for the garden
  4. Primrose Planter
    Primrose Planter Colourful Spring Primulas
  5. Gerbera
    Gerbera Cheerful Colour
  6. Large Lemon Tree
    Large Lemon Tree in fruit

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  7. Mini Lemon  (Lara)
    Mini Lemon (Lara) Miniature lemons
  8. Cymbidium Orchid
    Cymbidium Orchid Stunning oriental blooms
  9. Peach Tree
    Peach Tree Patio Peach Tree
  10. Barrel Planter
    Barrel Planter Outdoor plants in a rustic mini barrel
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  11. Calamondin Tree
    Calamondin Tree in fruit
  12. Nectarine Tree
    Nectarine Tree Grow your own tasty nectarines
  13. Dipladenia
    Dipladenia Colourful trumpets and glossy leaves
  14. Magnolia
    Magnolia Waterlily Magnolia
  15. Japanese Quince
    Japanese Quince Delicate winter flowers

16 Items

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