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Flowering Plants

Choose from a wide range of gorgeous plants in bud and bloom

As always, we've got some beautiful seasonal plants for outdoors, some pretty seasonal flowering planters and a great selection of plants that will be happiest indoors

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Flowering plants last so much longer than a bunch of flowers

Plants in bloom are a thoughtful way to lift someone's mood or to say get well soon, they make great gifts for birthdays and anniversaries.This flowering collection brings together all our plants in bud or bloom at the moment as well as the ones we are expecting to arrive soon so you can pre-order them if you wish.

Whilst everyone's living costs are spiralling, it's good to know that we still have a great selection of beautiful and quality flowering plants available at a good price.

Don't know much about plants?

Don't worry, as plant lovers ourselves we've carefully chosen plants that are looking good at this time of year, that aren't too difficult for a novice to care for and that will thrive in a variety of homes. We regularly update the photos of the plants here in the nursery and we've tried to highlight the best features of each plant in the descriptions. We also offer an aftercare service and are happy to answer any plant queries you may have.

Each plant comes with a handwritten greeting card and a choice of pot covers as well as a full and clear sheet of growing instructions to get you started.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are flowering plants?

Flowering plants are plants which will produce flowers or fruits at specific times of the year. Fun fact: there are over 300,000 known species of flowering plant.

Do you offer seasonal flowering plants?

Yes we do, we offer a range of seasonal flowering plants not only for specific times of year such as spring but also for certain events such as our easter basket.

Are your flowering plants suitable for outdoors?

Yes, we offer a range of flowering plants that can be situated both indoors and outdoors.

How big are your flowering plants?

Our range of flowering plants are available in a range of sizes from small desktop or patio plants all the way to 1m tall statement plants.

Are you flowering plants delivered in bud or in bloom?

It does depends on the plant. Plants that only flower for a short time, like flowering bulbs, will usually be sent in bud so you can enjoy every minute of their display. Our flowering plants with a longer flowering season like bougainvillea or orchids will usually be delivered to you in in flower with plenty more buds to come. We work hard to update the descriptions of each plant weekly so when you place your order, you know exactly what stage of flowering your gift is at. If in doubt you can always contact our knowledgeable team at the nursery for more advice.