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Flowering and foliage plants are a great way to brighten up the house. Choose from a wide range of easy going and long lasting houseplants for next day or Christmas delivery.

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  1. Abutilon
    Chinese Bellflower Colourful bell shaped blooms
  2. Wild Orchid
    Wild Orchid Elegant Orchid
  3. Zanzibar Gem
    Zanzibar Gem Striking glossy foliage
  4. Pink Gerbera
    Gerbera Cheerful Colour
  5. Large Pink Hydrangea 2021
    Pink Hydrangea New season
  6. orange hibiscus
    Hibiscus Exotic blooms
  7. Plumbago 2020
    Plumbago NEW season
  8. Small Cactus
    Small Cactus Cute cactus plants
  9. Geranium Pail
    Geranium Pail NEW SEASON
  10. Rubber plant
    Rubber Plant Glossy evergreen foliage
  11. Zebra Plant
    Zebra Plant Funky foliage
  12. Lucky Leaves
    Lucky Leaves Funky foliage plant
  13. Cardamom 2019
    Cardamom Sweet aromatic leaves
  14. Money Plant
    Money Plant Crassula or Jade Plant
  15. Calamondin
    Calamondin Tree with green fruit
  16. Spider Plant
    Spider plant Easy going foliage
  17. Olive Bush
    Olive bush Great token gifts
  18. Pink Dipladenia 2021
    Dipladenia Colourful trumpets and glossy leaves

19 Items

per page
Set Descending Direction