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Large Bonholm Fig Tree in winter
Large Bonholm Fig Tree in winter
Large Bonholm Fig Tree
Close up of large  Fig Tree

Large Fig

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Perfect for a summer patio, a cool room or a sheltered spot in the garden. Mature fig trees can reach up to 4m high produce a heavy crop of juicy figs each year. Fig trees are hardy plants and will do well either in a pot on a patio or in the ground here in the UK.

We have some nice larger figs at the moment but we do need to update these pictures as they have now dropped their leaves for winter.

80cm+ tall in 4L Pot

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Looking after your Dwarf Fig Tree
These instructions are sent with the plant gift
This dwarf fig tree (Ficus carica) is a Mediterranean plant that grows into a full size tree. You can grow it inside or you can grow it outside in a sheltered spot.
Inside, your fig tree will like a light spot near a window, outside, choose a sunny spot to ensure that the fruits will ripen. This fig tree is relatively hardy and will withstand some frost, however it should be protected from cold wind, severe frost or snowdrifts when young.
Fig trees are more productive if their roots are constrained so only repot when your tree has completely outgrown it’s existing pot. When replanting choose a mixture of soil and porous compost and only repot in the growing season from late march to august.
Figs in general do not like change, so altered routines or conditions may result in them dropping all or some of their leaves. These will re-grow once the plant is settled. Yellow leaves or brown markings are a sign of malnutrition and should be remedied with a good dose of any general purpose plant feed. Sometimes the shorter growing season in this country means that not all the figs have time to mature before the first frosts. Green fruits can be harvested before the frosts and cooked and used in desserts. A sheltered south facing spot for your tree will help the fruit ripen faster. Fig trees are deciduous so don’t be alarmed when they lose their leaves in winter.
The fruits are ripe when they turn from green to a deep purple-brown colour, best eaten straight from the tree with crème fraiche or ice cream.

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Fig Tree
Ficus carica
This bonholm figs are also sometime known as norweigian figs and the spelling is often corrupted to bornholm or even bornhelm.
Technically the fruit of the the fig is the flower!
Juicy sweet figs in Autumn
Figs are a delicious fruit cultivated in Europe and the east for centuries, Adam and Eve are often portrayed with fig leaves preserving their dignity. The earliest evidence of fig cultivation is several thousand years BC and they were important crops in roman, greek and medieval civilizations.
Fig trees can grow to full size trees in the UK in a sunny sheltered spot, producing attractive foliage as well as crops of sweet figs. They do not need much fertilization and will produce most fruit in poor soil with constricted roots, making them great container plants.
Season: Jun to Aug
Figs are probably more familiar in their dried form but they are also delicious fresh with cream or ice cream, for making cakes and even syrups and drinks. Known to have a laxative effect they are very useful as a homepathic remedy for constipation.
Further information available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_fig

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" I would just like to thank you for supplying wonderful plants as presents to my friends/family for the last couple of years. My mother is very critical but has loved every plant that she has been sent, especially the fig tree. I can cetainly recommend you to new customers, I am sure that they will not be disappointed. " E H - June 2015
" Thank you so much for your help with this.   It is a birthday gift for my mother who is a great fan of your products.   Your company is a pleasure to work with. " Judith N. - May 2012