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Lollipop bay tree in wicker basket
Lollipop bay tree in wicker basket
Half standard bay tree outside
Close up of Bay foliage

Half-standard Bay

£45.00 exc delivery

These large trimmed bay trees make a great feature in pots on a patio, to frame a doorway or even in the ground. Don't forget you only pay one delivery price for a pair!

These hardy bay trees only need protecting from the very harshest weather conditions otherwise they will be happy outside all year round. Looking really fresh and tidy again this week just as pictured.

105cm tall in a 6L pot

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Looking after your Bay Tree
These instructions are sent with the plant gift
This is the sweet bay tree – Laurus nobilis which produces savoury leaves for cooking. It is normally grown outside, but young trees are quite happy indoors in winter and are very easy to care for.
If inside make sure your plant gets plenty of daylight, by putting it near a window. A cool room or a light porch is best, and it will be happiest away from any radiators. If you have a garden or a patio then your bay will appreciate spending the summer outside.
Bay trees are quite slow growing but if allowed to they will grow to full size trees in about 30 years. To encourage healthy growth repot your bay tree about once a year in the spring time. To keep their shape you may also want to give them a haircut at the beginning and end of the growing season.
Bay trees are very tough trees that require little maintenance New shoots are a different colour – in the spring and summer your plant should begin to put on new leaves, don’t worry if they are a lighter colour than the existing leaves, they will colour up over a few weeks. New shoots are drooping – new shoots are more tender than established branches and may droop if exposed to hot or cold temperatures, ensure they are fully watered and try to keep in an even frost free temperature until the young leaves have matured and changed colour. Crisp or brown leaves - are the result of underwatering, give your plant a good soak and it will start to recover.
Bay leaves add a wonderful savoury flavour to soups, stews and meat dishes – put the washed leaves in the dish whole, but remove before serving.

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Bay Tree
Laurus Nobilis
Sometimes also known as the 'bay leaf tree' for obvious reasons.
Small white flowers in spring
Young bay trees will be happy inside on a kitchen window sill but once they grow larger they will look great on a patio or planted into the garden. Bay trees are traditional topiary trees and can be clipped and shaped into a great variety of shapes.
Bay laurel has been used through history to symbolise strength and victory from the first olympians to roman emperors. Its magical powers are said to include protection from witches and lightening...
Season: Jan to Dec
Bay leaves provide a lovely savoury flavour in stews, casseroles and soups, add one or two whole leaves during cooking and remove before serving.
Further information available at http://www.herbexpert.co.uk/cooking-with-bay-leaves.html

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