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Pair of grapevines
Pair of grapevines
Red and white grapevines
grapevine gift set

Pair of Vines

£30.00 exc delivery

This pair of grapevines makes a great gift for a fruit or wine lover. This special offer includes one red and one white grapevine, either for eating or winemaking.

Make a note in the special instructions if you have any preference on the variety. We have Pinot noir, Regent, Chasseslas Rose, Muscat and Phoenix varieties available this week but if you don't state a preference we will just choose a nice pair, one red and one white for you. Please note this weeks vines have now dropped their leaves for winter and will be delivered as bare canes ready for planting in the Spring.

2 x 80cm+ in 4L pots

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Looking after your Grapevine
These instructions are sent with the plant gift
Grape Vines are surprisingly well suited to the UK climate. In the right spot they are vigorous growers and can produce heavy crops of fruit from August to October.
Your grapevine will do best in a sunny but sheltered spot, ideally south facing with shaded or cool roots in summer. Grapevines need to be protected from cold winds, but they are fairly frost hardy and will put on fresh and vigorous leaf growth in the spring. Vines do well in a variety of soils but chalky and silty soils are prized by wine makers for the subtle flavours they add to the wine. Please check the label on your vine for more specific details on grape variety and suitable positions for your vine.
To get the best fruit from your grapevine, you do need to start pruning it next year. The results are well worth the effort!
Mildew is the greatest problem with grapevines but many of the newer varieties have a good resistance. Mildew is caused by prolonged damp conditions or by irregular watering, if your plant is in a pot try moving it to a sunnier position and always train it to encourage airflow round each branch. Grapevines are deciduous so don’t be alarmed if it drops its leaves over the winter.
Different varieties are better suited to wine making or eating but don't forget the more sunshine the fruits receive the sweeter the grapes will taste.

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" I would just like to say a huge thank you for the vines which have just arrived. My husband will be thrilled. " Pamela J - December 2012