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Buying Plants Online

Buying plants online is different from buying plants in a garden centre. We know that many first time plant buyers do have a few questions so let us reassure you about buying plants online from us.

All the pictures on our website are taken in house of actual plants in the Nursery.

We try to keep the pictures and the plant descriptions as up to date as possible and post new photos several times a week so what you see is what you get. If a plant is pictured and described in fruit then we will send a plant in fruit, if it is shown in flower we will send a plant in flower or flower bud.

Pictures online show plants that week; Care information and current descriptions of plants available online

All our plants are checked carefully by hand and wrapped and boxed in specialist plant boxes. This packaging is designed to keep the plants secure and upright and to insulate them in transit - and it works. Over 99.9% of our plants arrive undamaged and in perfect condition at the other end. However in the very few cases where something does go wrong our customer service team are here to help and will send replacements for damaged plants wherever necessary.

Plants are carefully bagged and wrapped before they are boxed for delivery;

When selecting plants for despatch we choose the best plant for you from our nursery. Of course there is a bit of variation between plants and when buying plants online you can't pick out the exact plant from the bench that you like, however our plant packers can. They will pick the best plant from all of those available and take into consideration your special instructions as well as the size, shape and the number of fruits or flowers on the plant.

Our packers always pick the best plants available on the day

We have built our reputation over many years by keeping to strict quality standards and if any member of our packing team is not happy with a plant, it will not be sent. If we need to, we will call you to offer an alternative rather than send you a substandard plant.

Plant information online. Alongside current pictures of our plants you will find a current description which is updated weekly. Generally speaking we only advertise plants online which are looking good and in season that week. If a plant is not in season or currently out of stock it will be clearly marked as unavailable or available for order from a specific date. Using the information tabs on the plant details page you can also find care instructions and general information about each plant. If you are looking for a plant for a particular position you can search our online plant catalogue by height and position using the 'browse by category' button or of course do give us a call if you would like some more help or advice.

Yes we are real people! When buying plants online sometimes it can feel a little removed but we are not a virtual website we have a very real nursery in East Sussex and we love our plants. If you ever have any questions you are very welcome to give us a call on 01825 721162 and Emily, Isobel, Debbie and Sarah will do their best to help. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm but you can often reach us out of hours by email or leave a message on our answerphone and we'll get back to you just as soon as we can.

Our Sussex nursery and our Plants team behind the scenes