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  1. Pair of Apple Trees
    Pair of Apple Trees SPECIAL OFFER
  2. Passionfruit
    Passionfruit Grow your own tasty passion fruits
  3. Summer Planter
    Summer Planter Instant Summer Colour
  4. Summer Basket
    Summer Basket Instant summer colour
  5. Dwarf Pomegranate
    Dwarf Pomegranate These are a lovely dwarf variety called 'nano' which has bright orange flowers
  6. White Hydrangea
    White Hydrangea Large white flowerheads
  7. Fruit Cup Cocktail Set
    Fruit Cup Cocktail Set Grow Your Own Pimms!
  8. Crab Apple Tree
    Crab Apple Tree Crab Apple Tree
  9. Chasselas Rose Grapevine
    Chasselas Rose Grapevine Sweet Rose Dessert Grapes
  10. Self-fertile Apple Tree
    Self-fertile Apple Tree Patio apples for eating
  11. Tall Dipladenia
    Tall Dipladenia Colourful trumpets
  12. Oleander
    Oleander Pretty mediterranean blooms
  13. Stevia
    Stevia Brazilian Sugar Plant
  14. Plumbago
    Plumbago Pretty Blue Flowers
  15. Pistachio
    Pistachio Grow your own Pistachio nuts

16 Items

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