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Lemon4seasons with green fruit
Lemon4seasons with green fruit
Large lemon4season tree
Close up of lemon fruit

Large Lemon Tree

£42.00 exc delivery

These larger 'Lemon 4 Seasons' trees are approximately 6 years old and will fruit and flower on and off throughout the year. These lovely lemon trees make a great stand alone feature indoors in the winter and on a patio or in a bright room in the summer.

One of our most popular plants all year round, these lemon trees are a variety that do particularly well in the UK. Delivered with one or two ripening green fruit.

80cm+ high in a 5L pot

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Looking after your Lemon
These instructions are sent with the plant gift
This plant has both tasty fruit and fragrant flowers – sometimes both at once. It can bring pleasure for years, with the right care.
Citrus trees need light. A conservatory is ideal but they will also be happy near a window in a cool, bright room. In the summer, your lemon plant will enjoy a patio in sun or partial shade. However young trees are not hardy and will need to come inside as soon as there is a nip in the evening air. When indoors, try to keep your plant away from cold draughts and radiators.
Lemons grow quite slowly; if you need to, repot in the spring in citrus compost. As a general rule, lemon trees tend to produce flowers in late spring followed by small green fruits that can take 10 months or more to fully ripen and turn yellow. However in this country many varieties don’t follow a strict season and can fruit or flower at any point during the year.
Citrus trees are not the easiest of plants but they are very rewarding. Look out for signs of trouble and try to treat problems early. The most common problem is leaves dropping due to over or under watering. If leaves are crisp when they drop, this is due to underwatering; if they are leathery the chances are it has been over watered. A return to a regular and thorough watering routine should lead to recovery. If new growth is very light in colour or has mottled markings your plant may be lacking trace elements. A good dose of citrus feed should soon green up the leaves. Our lemon trees are grown in a pesticide free environment. In the unlikely event that you find pests eg. aphids these can be removed by hand or with a soap and water spray.

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Lemon 'Four Seasons'
Citrus lemon
Called 'four seasons' because it can flower and fruit all year also known as 'Eureka' lemons this is a good fruiting variety for the uk
Fragrant white flowers
Full sized tasty yellow lemons, just as you would buy in the supermarket
Like all citrus, make sure your lemon tree gets plenty of light and keep cool in the winter. Will produce fruit and flowers all year round in a light room or conservatory.
Lemon trees have been cultivated in Asia for thousands of years and in europe for hundreds. This hybrid lemon is a particularly good variety for the UK as it tolerates our lower light levels very well.
Season: Jan to Dec
The fruit are perfect for slicing in cold drinks or for use in cooking and make a fabulous lemon souffle - recipe coming soon!
Further information available at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/gardeningpicturegalleries/6616739/Christmas-2009-Top-10-plant-presents.html?image=7

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" Thank you for sending a lovely lemon tree to my mum on her birthday, great service " P. W. - August 2016
" I bought the large lemon tree for my husband, it came with 7 lemons of various sizes. Plants4Presents gives fantastic customer service, they were very happy to answer all my questions. Excellent quality I would definitely recommend. " S. D. - August 2016
" Ordered a lemon tree from you, never used you before, it was for a friends 50th and needed to be right. You delivered on time, communication fantastic, my friend thought it was amazing, very fragrant with 2 lemons on it! A very original present. Thank you all. Very impressive. Will use you again and spread the word.  " S. P. - June 2016
" After traipsing round Garden centres and Nuseries,looking at the sad citrus on offer, I went on-line and found this site. I ordered a Lemon, Lime, Orange and Clementine for myself and an Orange for my buddy. They arrived today in excellent condition, good shaped little trees with glossy leaves. We are both really pleased and his wife thought the card (Mistle Thrush) was very nice too. Excellent products. Excellent service. " K. F. - June 2016
" Have just received my lemon tree less than 24 hrs after placing the order! Excellent packaging and a beautifully fresh healthy lemon tree which is now happily settled in my conservatory! I bought this for myself, but would have no hesitation in ordering again for other people as presents. Excellent service from Plants4Presents!! " E. D. - May 2016
" I ordered a lemon tree as a present for my sisters wedding anniversary. It arrived on time in beautiful condition and she was extremely pleased with it. Thank you very much for supplying such high quality. I was a little dubious about ordering this on line but am thrilled that it was so good. " S. D. - January 2016
" I would just like to thank Hannah for her wonderful customer service last week. It was awkward to get it replaced as the Lemons had dropped off but the new tree arrived on Friday and looks beautiful.I'd like to thank Hannah for going out of her way to help, my other half was overjoyed with his gift on Saturday. " S. P. - December 2015
" Thanks for delivering a perfectly packed present on the chosen day.It made my cousin's day. " M Sarkar - August 2015
" Absolutely thrilled. I have just received the most beautiful Lemon tree as a birthday gift from my son. The quality is superb and with the instructions I will hopefully keep it looking as lovely as it does now. " R G - June 2015
" here is a photo of this years crop of lemons from my 7 year old lemon tree (obviously bought from you ) which lives out Unprotected in Yorkshire March -December. " H D - January 2015
" Last year my son & DIL bought me a lemon tree it had 9 ripe fruit on which were delicious. At the moment it has 12 lemons of various sizes 2 of which are beginning to change colour and most of the other branches are full of buds and flowers. Opening the conservatory door this morning the smell was lovely. Not without its moments of anxieties - from an attack of aphids to the odd dropped leaf. " A G - December 2014
" order delivered lunchtime today, beautiful plant! Thankyou will recommend you to everyone! " J L - August 2014
" Thank you so much for your wonderful service and help. The lemon plant was perfect my friend was thrilled. I was with her when she opened it and can only thank you again for sending her exactly what I wanted. " N N - April 2014
" I have been meaning to send you a quick email to say how very impressed and pleased I was with your service and the beautiful lemon tree which arrived on the day as promised. The plant exceeded expectations and I was very jealous of its recipient so will be ordering one later in the year possibly for my husbands birthday?! " K M - January 2014
" Thought you might like to know that I bought a lemon tree a year or two ago for a friend's 60th birthday.  This plant has produced an abundance of fruit, and is now residing on the terrace at her house in Spain (coals to Newcastle!).I have just ordered a small bay tree for my son-in-law and hope this has the same success. " Lyn L - October 2012