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Pomegranate bush in Autumn
Pomegranate bush in Autumn
Pomegranate in bloom in July
Pomegranate fruit forming


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These attractive Pomegranate trees are great gifts for a summer patio or conservatory. Pomegranate plants have a bushy shape and in a sunny sheltered spot will produce bright blousy flowers followed by tasty pomegranates.

This week our pomegranates are trained up a pyramid of canes and have been trimmed back for the winter since these pictures were taken. Please note that pomegranate trees are deciduous so will be looking pretty bare at the moment and are really only suitable as gifts for keen gardeners.

80cm high in 4L pot

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Looking after your Pomegranate
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The Pomegranate tree is originally from the Himalayas but it has been cultivated in the Mediterranean for thousands of years and does surprisingly well here in the UK. These bushy trees will put on a succession of pretty red flowers in the summer followed by tasty fruit
They will do best in a sunny spot in a conservatory or bright room and in the summer months can do well on a sheltered patio. When indoors make sure your pomegranate gets plenty of light, by putting it near a window but a little way back from the glass.
Over time these trees can grow to 5 metres tall, they can be planted out in the garden after the first year but will crop better indoors as long as they get enough sunlight on the leaves. If you prefer to keep it in a pot it is a good idea to prune your plant back at the end of the summer and repot it next spring to keep it nice and bushy.
If the leaves start to turn a pale or mottled colour your plant needs more nutrients and will benefit from a good dose of general house plant or citrus feed every couple of waterings until it greens up again. If during the summer months your plant doesn’t start flowering or the buds drop before they open it may not be getting enough sunlight so try moving to a sunny spot and hold back on any feeding until you see flower buds begin to develop. This is the edible pomegranate grown for its flowers and fruits. It is deciduous so don’t be alarmed if it starts to lose its leaves in winter.

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