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Large Calamondin in Pail
Large Calamondin in Pail
Large Calamondin in fruit
Close up of Calamondin fruit and foliage

Large Calamondin

£35.00 exc delivery

Calamondin (citrus mitus) are the easiest to care for of all the citrus trees. These larger bushes make a really impressive display for any cool, bright room. They produce striking orange fruit and fragrant flowers throughout the year.

We have some really nice medium sized calamondin at the moment. Available either as pictured with orange fruit or with green fruits and flowers. Please do make a note on the order form if you have a preference.

55cm+ tall in a 3L pot

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Looking after your Dwarf Orange Tree
These instructions are sent with the plant gift
This little orange tree has both decorative fruit and fragrant flowers – sometimes both at once. . It is a Calamondin – a cross between a kumquat and a mandarin, and is the easiest citrus tree to grow indoors. It can bring pleasure for years with the right care
Citrus trees, like lots of light and a cool but not cold room. A light room near a window or a conservatory is ideal. In winter, try and keep your tree away from central heating and in the summer protect it from strong direct sunlight. In the heat of summer you can give your plant a holiday. Put it outside on a sheltered patio and it will enjoy the fresh air. Bring it back inside when there is a nip in the evening air. Your plant will start to suffer in temperatures below 8°C.
These dwarf trees can grow to a maximum of two metres, producing masses of fruit every year. The fruits of this tree are very tart. However they make a refreshing and unusual addition to cold drinks, they can be used in place of other citrus in fish and game dishes and make a wonderful marmalade!
Overwatering, underwatering and shock can all be the cause of leaf drop. One or two leaves is not something to worry about but more than 10 and your plant is not happy. However, in most cases, return to a regular watering routine and temperature will lead to recovery. If the new growth on your plant is very light in colour or has a mottled look, it is likely that your plant is lacking one of the trace elements. A good citrus feed added when watering should soon colour the leaves up. In the unlikely event that you find any pests (eg. aphids or caterpillars) on your plant use a soft soap or pest spray to wash off the offending creatures and pick off any damaged leaves to keep the plant tidy.
The fruit of this tree are very tart, so don’t try and eat them raw. However they make a refreshing and unusual addition to cold drinks and and add a great flavour to game and poultry dishes

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Citrus mitis
A hybrid of Citrus reticulata and Fortunella species
Small white flowers
Small orange edible fruit.
This is ideal for citrus beginners as it is a very undemanding citrus plant producing fruit and flowers all year round.
Originally from South East Asia. This species is known to us only as an ornamental citrus plant, while in Japan it is cultivated for it's fruit.
Season: Jan to Dec
Although the fruit of this tree is a little bitter to be eaten alone it makes a delicious addition in the place of orange or lemon in baking, goes fantastically with duck and can be sliced as unique and tasty garnish for cool drinks and cocktails.
Further information available at http://www.grouprecipes.com/8460/calamondin-marmalade.html

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" I just wanted to say, I received all my citrus, I think this is my 3rd order with you guys. I just wanted to say how utterly impressed I am with your trees, I purchase them from you rather than some of the larger suppliers because your trees always arrive in such wonderful condition, and pest free, " J. H. - July 2016
" Plant came and she loved it thanks " J C - May 2014
" I wanted to write to say a massive thank you for delivering the most gorgeous Calamondins to our wedding venue. They looked absolutely wonderful! " P K - March 2014
" Mrs loved her calamondin orange tree " C S - October 2013
" Received the large citrus this morning.Am delighted with the plant and the service. " R W - September 2013
" Just a note to say how very pleased with the Calamondin we purchased from you, delivered as a gift to a friend in Christchurch, who was delighted to receive it. " Mary F. - June 2012
" Thank you for sending this order so promptly. Mrs Hamilton is absolutely delighted with her gift and is full of praise for the quality of your packing and the plant itself. " Sue D. - August 2011
" It arrived yesterday morning and is so much bigger than I expected! It is beautiful, just as you said. Many thanks for the great service and excellent value for money. I will certainly use plants 4 presents again. " Victoria B. - August 2010