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Choose from over 100 flowering, fruiting and foliage plants

At Plants4Presents we specialise in plants that make great gifts and supply special plants that will look great out of the box but will last for weeks or even years to come.

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  1. Pair of Large Olives
    Pair of Large Olives SPECIAL OFFER
  2. Large Orange Tree
    Large Orange Tree The sweet eating orange
  3. Large Clementine
    Large Clementine In Flower
  4. Vine and Wine
    Vine and Wine Winelovers gift set
  5. Cheese Plant
    Cheese Plant Funky foliage plant
  6. Red Lime (Rangpur)
    Red Lime (Rangpur) Unusual mandarin-like fruit
  7. Baby Lemon
    Baby Lemon Young lemon tree
  8. Rubber Plant
    Rubber Plant Glossy evergreen foliage
  9. Black Hamburg Grapevine
    Black Hamburg Grapevine Early ripening red dessert grapes
  10. Regent Grapevine
    Regent Grapevine Vigorous Red Grape Vine
  11. Large Tea Plant
    Large Tea Plant A larger version of our popular tea plants
  12. Tahiti Lime Ministem
    Tahiti Lime Ministem NEW SEASON
  13. Juniper Tree
    Juniper Tree Grow your own juniper for Gin
  14. Woodland Hydrangea
    Woodland Hydrangea Hydrangea paniculata.
  15. Chinotto Ministem
    Chinotto Ministem with young green fruits
  16. Blood Orange
    Blood Orange Beautiful Strong Trees
  17. Chilli Plant
    Chilli Plant Dwarf chilli plant in fruit
  18. Apricot Tree
    Apricot Tree Semi-Dwarf Apricot Tree
  19. Giant Lemon
    Giant Lemon
    Available from 21/06/2019
  20. Tea Plant Gift Set
    Tea Plant Gift Set Grow Your Own Tea Gift Set
  21. Cherry Plum
    Cherry Plum Grow your own miniature plums
  22. Myrtle Ball
    Myrtle Ball Fragrant foliage
  23. Lucky Leaves
    Lucky Leaves Funky foliage plant
  24. Tea Plant
    Tea Plant Grow your own tea!
  25. Muscat
    Muscat Golden dessert grapes
  26. Shamrock
    Shamrock Lucky Irish Shamrock
  27. Sloe Bush
    Sloe Bush Grow Your Own Sloes
  28. Scented Box
    Scented Box End of Season £5 off
  29. Personalisation
    Personalisation Add your personal message to the pot
  30. Spring Gin and Juniper Gift Set
    Spring Gin and Juniper Gift Set Gin and Juniper Gift Set
  31. Sloe Gin Set
    Sloe Gin Set GYO sloe cocktails

Items 65-96 of 111

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Set Descending Direction